About Us

As we have discussed earlier here , we want to remind all the users of this site to always use the standard language in making the title or description of the photo.

For example, the first word in a sentence must begin with a capital letter. For geographical names such as the name of the island, province, city, road, river, sea, beach, or mountain , also must begin with capital letters. Likewise with the name of the tribe, or adat group , start with capital letters. In addition, after the point, the next word must begin with a capital letter.

Apart from spelling problems, try to give a description that “contains”, at least containing elements of 5W + 1H from objects in photos. For example, when photographing flowers, put the name of the flower (if necessary, put the scientific name), where the flower is photographed, why the flower is “important” to be photographed (not just because it is beautiful, for example because the flower is rare and threatened, and so on).

This is part of our learning and active role in using our beloved Indonesian Language, while giving deeper meaning to our photos. Isn’t it a pity if the photo is good but not many people understand the meaning because the description is not clear?

In addition, the photo description is also one of our references in determining whether a photo is worth displaying or not.

Greetings, and continue to take pictures!